Techनिक – the new era of clubs in our college. Our First Engagement was “Club Intro & Awareness” which we conducted for 3rd SEM, 5th SEM & 7th SEM Individually. The Response was absolutely mind-boggling, we interacted with a variety of Students during this whole Journey. Solved their doubts related to academic as well as nonacademic. We Introduced our Club throughout the CE-IT Department of our college & made them aware as to how we can change the activities happening around in college by forming a club in our college. How we can benefit from it, what difference it will make. SPEAKERS: ZEEL PATHAK (7TH IT - 180160116081) SHIVAM OJHA (7TH CE - 180160107046) ABHISHEK SINGH (7TH IT - 180160116104) BHARGAV SINGH (7TH IT - 180160116105) EVENT STATISTIC: TOTAL ATTENDEES COUNT: 361 MEMBER APPLICATION COUNT: 245 CONCLUSION: The event was successful in attracting 40% of the total students from the department. With the special presence of professors, we were able to build trust within the students which led to 245 applications for membership. The responses from students were inspiring and can be counted enough for the inspiration to take the club ahead. Team Techनिक