Administration of the Institute is run by the various offices such as Principal Office, Student Section, Account Section, Establishment Section, Purchase Section. These offices are situated in the Main Building (01). The list of officers concerned with respective offices are as given below.

Head of the Institute : Dr. A. M. Prabhakar

Important Cells

Cells Designation Name of Officer
Gymkhana Vice President Dr. B. J. Shah (HOD of Applied Mechanics Dept.)
Antiragging Cell Coordinator Prof. (Dr.) U. V. Shah (HOD of Mechanical Dept.)
Women Empowerment Cell Coordinator Prof. N. V. Bora (Associate Prof. Of Mechanical Dept.)
Internal Grievance & Sexual Harassment Redressal Cell Coordinator Prof. J. R. Iyer (HOD of Electrical Dept.)
GTU Cell (Room No. : 1239) Coordinator Prof. B. R. Shah (Associate Prof. of Civil Dept.)
Co-Coordinator Prof. N. J. Bathani (Assistant Prof. of Electrical & Communication Dept.)
Training & Placement Cell Coordinator Prof.(Dr.) U. V. Shah (HOD of Mechanical Engineering Dept.)
Co-Coordinator Prof. P. M. Mistry (Assistant Prof. of Mechanical Dept.)
RTI Cell Coordinator Prof. D. A. Patel (HOD of Science & Humanities Dept.)
Co-Coordinator Prof. R.P. Khatri (Assistant Prof. of Physics)
Student Section Coordinator Prof. R. P. Vyasa (Mechanical Dept.)
Co-Coordinator Prof. P. R. Parekh (Assistant Prof. of Mechanical Dept.)
Sr. Clerk Shri D.S.Solanki
Clerk Shri D.P.Parmar
Library Coordinator Prof. M. I. Vyas (Associate Prof. of Mechanical Dept.)
Co-Coordinator Dr. N. V. Upadhyay (Assistant Prof. of Electrical Dept.)
Hostel Rector & Warden Rector Dr. N. G. Raval (Civil Dept.)
Warden Block-A Prof. V. J. Chauhan (Assistant prof. Mechanical Dept.)
Warden Block-B Prof. T. A. Chaudhari (Assistant Prof. of Electrical Dept.)
Warden Block-C Prof. V. R. Gor (Assistant Prof. of Civil Dept.)
Warden Block-D Prof. L. S. Narsingani (Assistant Prof. of Maths)
Account Section In-Charge Coordinator Prof. G. B. Modha (HOD of Civil Dept.)
Cashier Shri A.L.Kharadi
Establistment Section Head Clerk Shri R.L.Patel

Important Contacts

1 Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad 079-263011500
2 Public Health Center, Modasa 02774-246526
3 Post Office, Modasa 02774-246481
4 State Bank of India, Modasa 02774-246222
5 Police Station, Modasa 02774-246660