Innoveta modelling club, Government Engineering College Modasa, organised a state level innovative and creative toys and games competition Toyfest-2022 on 7th May 2022 in online mode. This is the first time that any institute organised competition for toys and games. The purpose of this event was to create awareness and motivate the students to explore the creation process involved in preparing the toys and games which are not only innovative but also have educational and entertaining aspect in toys and games. The need to reflect Indian culture was emphasised also. The students of various institute of Gujarat had participated in the event. 20 toys/games of 20 different teams were selected for the final round. The industrial expert Mr. Harsh Gandhi (owner of Toys and games company) and a senior faculty member Prof. Binita Vyas were called to judge the final round. Three toys Toy Boat, Robotic Hand, Baloon Toy Car are selected as the winner of the competition.