Build a strong teaching-learning and research environment to prepare determined, innovative, inventive, self-esteemed and goal oriented Automobile engineers with good technical knowledge, analytical and soft skill.


To equip automobile engineering graduates to face challenges of industries, society and nation by:

  • Providing domain knowledge through qualified, experienced and trained faculties in healthy environment.
  • Developing technical skills and creating awareness about needs of industries by encouraging entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Encouraging graduates to think innovatively through project works with professional ethical practices.
  • Providing all kinds of support for overall personality development.

Program Educational Objectives PEOs

Graduates from the automobile Engineering Program are expected to attain or achieve the following Program Educational Objectives

PEO1 Implement the acquired knowledge of science, technology, engineering, management (STEM) with good human values for a successful career.
PEO2 Achieve a position of leadership in the organization through managerial, communication and professional skills with ethical values.
PEO3 Be a foundation for innovative solutions of complicated problems as a successful entrepreneur.
PEO4 Provide feasible solutions for sustainable and environment friendly development.

Program Specific Outcomes PSOs

Mechanical Engineering Graduate will be able to:

PSO1 Apply the specific skill acquired for solving problems related to automobile engineering and interdisciplinary problems with knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and modern software skills.
PSO2 Develop optimum engineering systems in specialized areas such as product design and its optimization,