The College has been excelling in sports for over decades. Every year the College holds Sports Carnival, Inter-class matches and Sports Day. For proper training and grooming of players the College provides coaching facilities to the players for different games.The College campus has large open ground for outdoor sports activities. The College has teams for Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basket Ball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, etc...

Gymkhana building houses canteen, table tennis room, tennis court etc...

Vice President : Prof. (Dr.) U. V. Shah (Head of Mechanical Dept.)

Gymkhana & Extra Curriculum Activities Team
Sr. No. Name of staff Email Id
1 Dr. U. V. Shah (Vice –president) (M)
2 Prof. M. M. Madhikar (ME)
3 Prof. J.M.Shroff (CE)
4 Prof. G. N. Limbad (GD)
5 Prof. A. A. Prajapati (IT)
6 Prof. P. V. Patel (EC)
7 Prof. T. A. Chaudhari (EE)
8 Prof. J. R. Bhavsar(ME)
9 Prof. A. J. Patel (AM)
10 Prof. H. B. Thakar (CL)
11 Prof. J. J. Solanki (EC)
12 Prof. M. K. Rathva (CE)
13 Shri V. A. Bhavsar
Sports Team
Cultural, NSS, NCC & Youth Team
Sr. No. Name of staff Sr. No. Name of staff
1 Prof. K. V. Vaghela (AE) 1 Prof. G. N. Limbad (AE)
2 Prof. T. A. Chaudhari (EE) 2 Prof. J. M. Shroff (CE)
3 Prof. A. J. Patel (AM) 3 Prof. A. A. Prajapati (IT)
4 Prof. P. V. Patel (EC) 4 Prof. A. J. Patel (AM)
5 Prof. J. R. Bhavsar(ME) 5 Prof. J. J. Solanki (EC)
6 Prof. J. J. Solanki (EC) 6 Prof. M. K. Rathva (CE)
7 Prof. M. K. Rathva (CE) 7 Prof. H. B. Thakar (CL)
Game wise
Table tennis & Badminton
Sr. No. Name of staff Sr. No. Name of staff
1 Prof. A. J. Patel (AM) 1 Prof. T. A. Chaudhari (EE)
2 Prof. J. R. Bhavsar (ME) 2 Prof. P. V. Patel (EC)
3 Prof. P. V. Patel (EC) 3 Prof. J. J. Solanki (EC)
4 Prof. M. K. Rathva (CE)
1 Prof. T. A. Chaudhari (EE) 1 Prof. J. R. Bhavsar (ME)
2 Prof. P. V. Patel (EC) 2 Prof. T. A. Chaudhari (EE)
Extra games like Softball, Carrom, Chess etc.
1 Prof. J.M. Shroff (CE) 1 Prof. J. R. Bhavsar(ME)
2 Prof. A. J. Patel (AM) 2 Prof. T. A. Chaudhari (EE)
  • Cultural activities are performed every year. It reflects our rich cultural heritage.

The best part of sports is the opportunity to play. At the G.E.C.Modasa the sports isn't only a co-curricular activity, it’s a lifestyle. it develops speed, strength, skill, satisfaction, and many more qualities. Most importantly it develops team spirit and brotherhood. The Government engineering college, Modasa understands the importance. At the G.E.C. Modasa sports isn’t just a mere co-curricular activity rather it is a regular activity. The faculties of the college are encouraged to take up sports, yoga as a part of their daily routine, let alone regular participation in various competitions.

The college has been blessed with lush green surroundings and decent ground facilities. The G.E.C. Modasa has always had the luxury of big grounds and premises. The G.E.C. Modasa has a decent ground, surrounding lush greens, open spaces, and a soothing natural environment. The college is big enough to accommodate all the grounds but is still strategically constructed to reach all the facilities by merely a couple of minutes' walk.

The college has a full-size matches cricket ground with an AstroTurf wicket. The ground has equal leveling and high mass facilities. The Ground is far enough not to interfere with academics yet easily within walking distance on the campus.
The college also has a gymkhana building with a full-size badminton court with lots of open spaces for free movements of players. The college gymkhana building is accessible to all during college hours and has lighting facilities.
The college is also equipped with a full-size volleyball ground with a proper high net cordon. A high mass facility and the watering facility is available at the volleyball ground.
Girls Cricket
The college has a facility of athletic tracks and a separate girl's cricket ground. The college has a separate ground for games such as rassa khench, Handball, etc.
The dedicated table tennis room, chess room, carrom room is also available in the college premises. The college also has a decent kabaddi ground with separate watering and leveling facilities.

The institute is in process to start NCC.

  • Village Visit
  • Envirnment Day Celebration
  • Blood Donation Camp