Dr. B. J. Shah

Dear faculty, staff & students,

All of you are aware that the entire world is struggling against the effect of Corona COVID 19 virus infection. The developed country like United State, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and many more are also putting their best effort to fight against this pandemic. Our country has also taken many steps to prevent the infection due to corona virus. To save the people is the highest priority of any government and for that we have gone for total lockdown of about 57 days and from 01/06/2020 partial lockdown with unlocking various activities in a phase manner.

Education suffers lot due to this Corona virus effect. Academic and examinations schedule are disturbed. There is heavy risk to allow all students at one place for the examination and hence government has decided to go for merit based progression system in the 2nd, 4th and 6th semester where as traditional examination will be conducted for final year and post graduate courses only.

Friends, nobody knows about how long the battle against corona virus will continue. Hence we cannot stop our regular activities just because of the fear of corona. We must learn to live with this till some vaccine/drug is made available. We have to also think of improving the economy of our country and give momentum which was affected due to lockdown. Hence education activities will have to start keeping all precautions against spreading infections. Government has decided to starts new semester from 20/06/2020. Initially it happens that Educational institutions are not allowed to work from the place but there is no problem in starting the academics in an online mode. Our Institution is in the process of preparing time table for executing the classes in the online mode and will be informed you very soon.

Meanwhile let us follow the guideline prescribed by the government to prevent the infection of corona. Following steps shall be followed without fail to spread corona.

  1. Wear mask, gloves and avoid touching anything unless found it necessary.
  2. Wash your hands frequently with soap or use sanitizer.
  3. Avoid staying in a group of more than 5 people and maintain social distancing in public places.
  4. Avoid staying in campus in case of fever, breathing and any symptoms of cold or corona.
  5. Consult your class mentor/ Head of the department in case of any trouble found related to your health.

Such small things keep us safe and help to prevent the spreading of infections of corona virus. Let us all unite to defeat the corona virus and build the healthy society.

With this, Best wishes to all for new semester.

Date : 15/06/2020

Thank you,

Dr. B. J. ShahPrincipal
Government Engineering College, Modasa.

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