EC department was celebrated World Environment Day on the theme "TIME FOR NATURE". Shubham & Hemangaya had coordinated the whole program. Following activities were conducted within framed rules and regulations: Rules and Regulations: ­čö╣Participants can register themselves via the link given below and submit their entries until 4 June 2021 Poster Macking ­čö╣ Each participant can submit only 1 poster. ­čö╣Participants can paint, draw or sketch a poster by hand. ­čö╣ They should also write an appropriate tagline or slogan on the poster. ­čö╣The Poster should be the creative and original artwork of the participant and unique. ­čö╣ Details to be provided in the body of the mail are as follows: Name, Course and College. ­čö╣ The poster/Collage must be attractive in terms of design and neatness of presentation. ­čö╣ Interested Participants have to submit the picture of the poster in PDF on the given email. Essay Writing ­čö╣Participants are required to mention their name and college name clearly below their work. ­čö╣The top three essays under the category will be declared as winners. ­čö╣Judges