Gujcost sponsored Design Lab., Design Innovation Centre,GTU-Spoke, Government Engineering College, Modasa and Electronics and Communication Engineering Department organized One day workshop On “Hands-on Embedded system and IOT” on 8th April,2022 in EC Department, GEC Modasa.The workshop was divided into 3 sessions. The first session was conducted by JigarJhalaiya, Embedded system Engineer, Alpha Tech Automation , Ahmedabad. He introduced key concepts on Embedded system and IOT; features of Ardiuno, IDE, capabilities as well as current limitations of Ardiuno programming. Two hands-on sessions were conducted in the Embedded system Lab., building upon the knowledge and concepts learnt from the previous session. The two sessions were conducted by JigarJhalaiya. The participants coded a basic LED toggling using a Push Switch, Read ADC value of ultrasonic sensor in Arduino microcontroller using C programming language. In Last session, cartype Robot was programmed in Arduino microcontroller using 4 Nos. 300RPM DC motor, Bluetooth module(HC-04), and android app.