Dr. B. J. Shah

Congratulation Team India for Tokyo Olympic 2021

Congratulation to Team India for winning 07 medal in the Tokyo Olympic 2021. Looking to the medal count, it looks very less in comparison to the total 339 medal awarded in the Olympic, but this is the best performance ever the country performed in the Olympic so far. This Olympic has grown many expectations in the people of the country. Peoples are always crazy about the winners, but the way the Prime Minister has shown sentiments toward players, irrespective of they win or lose, is really a source of encouragement not for players but for all game loving people. Hence this is the appropriate time to encash this sentiment and do all possible things for the upliftment of the sports in our country.

There are few notable incidences came to the notice in this Olympic. India got gold medal in the Javelin throw game, which is very rarely played game in the country. This is a success mantra to all students. Mostly we choose the career or line in which majority of the people are going. Due to crowding, competition increases and gets less opportunity to top the field. So Out of box thinking is required to get success in the life. Niraj could have thought to make his career in Cricket, but he choose the game like Javelin throw and put his best effort, so he got the Gold for the country.

Similarly after 41 years India shine in the hockey. Both Men’s and Women’s, India performed well in this game. Unfortunately women’s team could not convert in to medal, but the effort put by them is appreciated by all. Hockey is the best example of team work. For all organizations, team work plays an important role for getting success. So keeping all egos aside, work for the organization as a team, we can definitely excel in the work.

Lastly, the highest Sports award of the country is renamed as Major Dhyanchand Khel Ratna award. One incidence of Major Dhyanchand about his dedication and commitment, I would like to put to your notice. Major Dhyanchand was foremost hockey player who brought honour and pride for India. After defeating Germany in the Berlin Olympic 1936, Ruler Hitlar called him to join the hockey team of Germany and offered to give the post of Cournel in his army. Dhyanchand politely denied and said that he will play for his country. Then Hitler told him that what your country had given to you. Dhyanchand replied that “It is not responsibility of my country to grown me up, It is my responsibility to grow my country”. This is the spirit of legendary hockey player for the country. Country is also feel proud for such hero. Many times we criticize others/government/nation for not providing support but not worried about the duties needs to be performed towards the nation. This incidence draws attention of our responsibilities towards the nation.

Finally, such mega events brings many new expectations, thoughts, ideas etc. Lets convert these things to reailty for the better future.

Odd semester of the academic year 2021 is started. Best wishes to all students for shaping very good academic record. Let’s put all our efforts to fulfill the vision of our institute. We are grateful to all our well-wishers and alumni for providing support and look forward same in the years to come.

Together all, we will make our institute one of the best institute for education.

Date : 10 August 2021

Sincerely, and with best regards,

Dr. B. J. ShahPrincipal
Government Engineering College, Modasa.

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